Friday, September 14, 2007

Celebrity news

So I work at a pharmacy, boring typical college job. Most of the time im pretty busy, but on occasion I get stuck behind the counter dealing with customers. I started to notice that A LOT of people buy celebrity news magazines. Personally before I started working there I would see them in line at the grocery store and would be aggravated that anyone would take time out of their lives to read about the lives of someone they will most likely never come in contact with. Not only will they never come in contact with these celebrity's but the chances of them actually interacting is even less! So as I see more and more people actually spending four of their hard earned dollars to read about this shit and I get curious. I pick on up one day while I was bored and I was completely correct, it's nothing but a bunch of shit. What clothes are popular, who was dressed like a slut(big surprise), what are the new trends. If you want to know what the trends are buy one of the many womens magazines and then you wont have to deal with all the celebrity gossip. Overall I think that it's a huge waste of time and money.

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