Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Baddest Girls on TV

I made a vow to be more selective with the reality shows I choose to watch, but I must admit one of my many guilty pleasures is watching Oxygen's The Bad Girls club season three! Drama, Backstabbing, and lots of partying are the ingredients that make up the hit reality show. The style of the show uses multiple cameras to show the seven girls living under one extremely huge and expensive roof and all that goes on, both at the house and when the girls are out on the town, which is mainly at nightclubs getting in to fights. This narrative TV show contains tons of conflict between the girls in the house from the common "he said, she said" to your normal cliques emerging between the girls, which is all aired for the world to see. But outside the drama that goes on between the girls, there is supposed to be true meaning behind taking seven wild behaving women and forcing them to live together for six months and that is to inspire change. Through the experience each girl is supposed to somehow change her ways, kick her bad habits and come out after her stay as a changed and matured woman. The most entertaining part of watching the show is seeing each girl struggle with this inner conflict they have. And of coarse the ones they have with each other!

Here is a clip of the show if you've never caught an episode!

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