Monday, March 23, 2009

Models Stomp Each Other...Not the Runway

The new season on America's Next Top Model, cycle 12, began last week Wednesday. And while all the usual drama came with it- models fighting, talking smack, tears and eliminations- the real drama happened while Tyra prepared for next season's cycle. On March 14th in New York City, the Top Model Crew began its' casting for the upcoming season when a stampede of models broke out. Apparently, a broken down BMW had driven by the line of models awaiting their casting call outside a Central Park hotel. Shouts broke out that there was a bomb, leading hundreds of people to frantically run around and create a human stampede. Six people were injured and two needed to be hospitalized. Auditions were shut down for the day, and Tyra released a statement expressing her concern for the matter. Talk about a stomp to the death!!!

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