Friday, March 27, 2009

Sex Sells.... But Not in Brooklyn

One of the most memorable series of The Real World is arguably Vegas. The Las Vegas season was filled with non stop partying and sex, things that seem to attract Real World viewers quite frequently.

But this new season is different. The Real World Brooklyn has taken away from sex scenes and hook up scenes, and has focused the show around household and individual conflicts.

It is a very new approach to the season since in reality I am sure that there is some kind of sexual relationship stirring up in Brooklyn with this cast, and the editors and producers have completely ignored this.

It is a new take that is quite unfamiliar to me, but yet the show has managed to keep me hooked through these conflicts. Even though they have made it so sex is not ubiquitous on The Real World, they have managed to make the show very interesting and arguably as interesting as the Las Vegas season.

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