Thursday, March 26, 2009


I used to consider myself too old to understand the Twitter craze. I wasn't even into posting my status on Facebook. I mean, who cares whether or not I'm "on my way to class" or "can't wait until work's over!" I changed my mind when I visited my younger brother over the weekend a few weeks ago.

He's 17, and was like, "No one uses Facebook anymore. No one even thinks about MySpace anymore. You should start tweeting!" I reluctantly made my page on Twitter and entered in a few updates. I was satisfied that the website was just as boring and stupid as I had assumed, until I started following a few celebrities pages.

Something about down to the second updates of what a celebrity is doing suddenly intrigued me! I am a celeb gossip fanatic, and this was like the best gossip I had ever heard! Heidi Montage is eating sushi right this second? AWESOME! John Mayer is up surfing the web...just like me..right now? Incredible! The other night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and instead of going right back to sleep, I grabbed my phone to check out the latest tweets of the people I follow.

It's sound completely ridiculous, I know - probably because it is. I really don't care about John Mayer one bit. In fact, I don't even listen to his music! I guess the intrigue of Twitter is different for different people, but I am now a huge fan.

I just have to remember not to get myself fired using the website!

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