Friday, March 20, 2009


Barack Obama recently filled out a white board bracket on ESPN. Recent controversy suggests that he purposely picked teams from his swing states to do well, but I don't really care about those conspiracies, and that's not what I want to write about.

A proclaimed basketball fan comes on ESPN to pick his bracket and he picks straight chalk (that means he picked, mostly all, the favorites in the games).

Anyone who truly enjoys March Madness enjoys picking upsets and watching upsets. There is an overwhelmingly great feeling in picking a four or five seed to make it to the final four, or picking a 14 seed over a three in the first round.

March Madness gets interesting when the underdogs start making moves against the big time programs. He even steered away from his home town team Illinois and picked them to lose in the second round. I would respect him being a homer over being a boring bracket picker.

All I'm saying is I am kind of upset with the lack of upsets picked in Barack's bracket. If he claims to really like basketball he should have some interest in being exciting with his picks.

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