Friday, March 20, 2009

Holy Smokes, Myspace is Turning Facebook

We all know that Myspace has been slowly turning into Facebook (they bought out by facebook or something, right?), but today I saw that you can make your full name public, like facebook has always done.

They can't do that. This is why: Facebook was always like that, and everyone (mostly) was reluctant to add anyone they didn't know (even though they trusted to add classmates from high school years and years ago). Anyway, the point is, is people add friends on myspace like there's no tomorrow. I sure do. Facebook, no, because your full name and more personal information is involved.

It really would be great to make everything public, where we could all just live online letting everyone know some of our personal information and stalkers could just pick and choose as they see fit, similary to what they do now. I mean, come on, even through a pretty private (not private setting, but reserved profile) anyone could find out more personal information about an individual, especially if you lived near them. You'll know what school they go to, then through casual e-mails or comments on their profile you could find out they go to the Alterra on Humboldt every Wednesday evening.

Anyway, Myspace can be similar to Facebook, but the mode of communication when people get on them is totally different, and I think this is just bound for disaster. Some of my friends have done it already, but I think it's just people that have pretty common last names. Unlike mine, so I'll avoid it. I hope parents know that this is an option and I think it's encouraged on myspace. What a crazy world we live in when that seems okay to give that information. Remind me never to have kids.

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