Friday, March 06, 2009

Love Story

This week I chose the Song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. It is a Narrative form. It has a beginning middle and end. It starts with a girl in high school and she has a fantasy, Cinderella story. She dreams that she is Juliet and her father will not let her be with Romeo. In the video they show her and her Romeo dancing, they are dressed in old English clothes. They are dancing an old dance that would have took place at that time. It shows them kissing in the garden and acting like they had to hide that they were there and be quiet so nobody heard them. The conflict in the story is definitely the fact that this is a sort of forbidden love because they are not supposed to be together. The conflict ends when Romeo gets her fathers permission and the video shows them running up to each other, happy that they get to be in love. A shot then goes back to her at her high school and the same boy that was Romeo in her fantasy ends up being a boy at her school and he comes up to her and they are together as well. The story in the song and the video show a perfect video in narrative form.

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