Wednesday, March 04, 2009

If I Were a BOY

If I were a Boy by Beyonce, raised brows across the nation. So many women could relate to putting their cheating, lying boyfriends in their shoes to see how it feels to be hurt, time and time again. This video tells a woman's familiar story about relationships, and how men just dont get it. I would categorize this music video as a narrative because it tells a story. Its composed of events that are linked together, and by the roles being reversed in the video meaning Beyonce's playing the male role, makes it even more of a narrative because its telling a story visually.Even though it doesn't come out until the end of the video when the roles switch back to Beyonce being the Secretary and her husband is the police officer it was still clever and unique how this narrative was told. we thought Beyonce was the villain so to speak in how she was portrayed in her video, cheating, not answering phone calls, leaving her husband worried because she ignores his phone calls, and acting dumb founded as to why he's upset, and this is all conflict. The song is a conflict in itself and the video does a nice job of reflecting this aspect. Another important factor is it has a plot, and different scenes to keep the audience following the story and whats going on. Just by watching the video, the audience gets to know the characters, the situation and the conclusion. You can almost look at this video as a mini movie, leaving the audience wanting more and raising questions like, what happened next, did she leave him for good, did he come to his senses or are they back together?

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