Friday, March 27, 2009

Dark present for jobs but bright future in advertising!

In the current economic crisis, advertising is facing an inevitable shift from traditional forms of advertising such as commercials and print, to more digital forms. These digital forms include websites and social networking programs like Facebook and Twitter. This transition has been happening long before the crisis began, but with the current state of the economy, it has now been propelled. This new age of advertising is especially important for those who will be entering the field in the next few years. This means that knowledge in just the traditional forms will not be enough. There is a great demand for those who are savvy in the digital world and can be creative through both traditional and digital kinds of work. The upside to this new demand for students studying advertising is that we were born into the information age. This means a lot of what is in demand we do everyday. Things like blogging, facebooking, creating Myspace accounts, things that are natural to a majority of those 25 and under are the kinds of things advertising agencies are looking for when hiring potential employees. The moral of the story is although the job market is grim now, the future in advertising looks bright and the new skills that are needed most people have mastered them and don’t even try.

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