Monday, March 09, 2009

This Is Sportscenter

The video I have chosen to textually analzye is the "This Is Sportscenter" commercial featuring David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox and Jorge Posada of the New York Yankees.

This is an example of a narrative form of commercial as a brief story is shown about David Ortiz trying on the hated Yankees baseball cap. Conflict arises in the story as Wally the Green Monster, who is the Red Sox mascot, walks by and sees his beloved Red Sox star wearing the rival Yankees cap.

Mise en Scene is utilized in the storyline as I mentioned before as David Ortiz is seen wearing the Yankees baseball hat by his team's mascot.

The framing of the camera is mostly very simple throughout the video as first the shot scale shows Ortiz, Posada, and the Studio Anchor talking about Posadas' hat and then as the studio achor picks up the hat there seems to be a medium shot w/ him, Ortiz and the hat itself being shown.

The camera then pans over to the Red Sox mascot in horror seeing Ortiz in the Yankees cap and Ortiz standing up to the plead his case on why he is wearing the cap.

In all the commercial uses simple tactics to show the "Betrayal" of David Ortiz wearing his rival Yankees hat. The overlying tones of comedy also plays a big role in the commercial as well. I thought that this was a clever commercial to show how heated the rivalry is between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Go Yankees!

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