Friday, March 13, 2009

The View

Everyone knows the show "The View." Five Caty women sitting around a table, talking about random topics. This week they decided to move the show to Disneyland in California. The show is not quite as entertaining as usual. It seems like they have taken the week easy, and have not gotten in as many debates as usual. I don't know if it is because they feel like children will be watching and they should keep it on the lighter side because of them or what. I also have no interest in watching them interview people like Mickey and Minny mouse. The only part that I did find amusing was when Jimmy Kimmel came on the show and dressed like Rosie O'Donnell he even had dancing Broadway cookies come out with him, which was something that Rosie always did. I think some of the women found it amusing and some didn't think it was very funny. I think Jimmy did a good job of livening up the show a little bit for an older audience. He even cracked jokes about the women who wouldn't come on his show and would go on other late night talk shows.
I think "The View" needs to remember who their main audience is when doing things like going to Disneyland for shows. Older people or stay at home moms and dads are generally their main viewing audience. If children do ever see it I highly doubt they are too excited about it to begin with. They need to make sure they keep their original format and what people like otherwise I think they will loose a lot of their fans.

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