Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tiger's Back Nike Commercial

This is the new Tiger Woods commercial, after his 8 month layoff he is back on the PGA tour.  This commercial is in a narrative form, and uses dialog and music to tell the story.  It starts with the two announcers telling the audience that Tiger Woods will not be in any more golf events for a while.  They use close up shots of other players faces and they are all smiling, having a good time.  The camera was not on a tripod, so a lot of the shots are moving, giving the commercial even more excitement.  The music drives the narrative, and the lyrics are describing things that are fun and associated with a good time.  It shows all the players winning, popping champaign, going to events, and having the time of their lives because Tiger is out of competition.  Then they are sitting in the locker room talking when the music stops and Tiger Woods walks through.  Their faces drop and the last shot is of the player dropping his head because he knows that the good times are over now that Tiger is back.  The narrative uses framing, music, editing, and dialog to drive the commercials short story.

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