Friday, March 28, 2008

$6 million dollar babies

How much is too much to pay for baby photos? Is this even right? J Lo and Marc Anthony were paid $6 million dollars for photos with their newborn twins Max and Emme. People magazine jumped at the opportunity to be the first to have pictures of the couple and the twins. No price could stop them from getting these photos. People magazine wanted an exclusive photo shoot of the family's home, an interview with the new parents and to capture the lavish lifestyle these parents have made for their "newborn" babies. Not only have the babies cashed in on the big bucks in America, but its expected that J Lo will also receive an undisclosed amount sum from OK! for international rights.

Its funny how stars can collect money on their newborn babies. Don't you already have enough money, why do you have to collect on the kids. Some stars are even thinking about having more children just to cash in on the profit. In recent news its expected that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expected to get $10 million dollars if rumored Jolie will have twins.

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