Friday, March 28, 2008

You Know What's...

There are lots of interesting posts this week, so I hate to ruin the streak with mindless youtube videos, but I just watched a ton of them with friends, so they're fresh in my mind. We've been finding a ton of news bloopers, and some of them are really hilarious. There's tons of stuff like in this set, where various things go wrong for the anchors. Then there's this compilation where the anchors totally screw up with how they word their sentences.

We also found this series called "You Know What's Bullsh*t." The episodes are super short, but amusing to watch. The guy behind them picks random things in life that you may find mildly annoying (but don't otherwise think much about) and picks them apart. You know those stickers they put all around DVD cases that take forever to peel off? Or did you notice the crazy amount of penguin movies that have been released recently? He rants about that sort of thing. My favorite episode has to be the one about the lack of pens at the post office compared to the bank. It's so random, but at the same time, so true:

Apparently, one of the episodes (a rant about the uselessness of pennies) made it as a news story on CNN. I've been noticing the trend of youtube videos as news stories lately. It reminded me of the discussion where the news is more concerned with entertainment than actual news, and I also think it's interesting that the news, in a way, has to compete with online venues like youtube.

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