Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bush's War

Media consumption this week included a two part four hour PBS series on the Iraq war. Entitled "Bush's War", it was an in depth look at the behind the scenes machinations of the Bush administration to fabricate the need for a pre-emptive strike on Iraq and how it was sold to the American public. A lot of the sales job depended on cooperation of the press and boy did the press cooperate!
One part of the documentary highlighted the way certain bits of information were leaked to the press by the administration. The press gobbled it up like they got a scoop and printed it. Then administration reps like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell would appear on news shows like Meet the Press and quote the article like it was confirming the B.S. they were presenting. Apparently no investigation by the reporters took place to determine the validity of the "leaked" info.
The press really has to take a lot of the blame for getting us into this mess.
PBS did a thorough job interviewing higher-ups from both sides of the issue. A lot of pro Bush, pro war administrators refused to be interviewed for the show. I wonder why? I also wonder, with all the lies and deciept from this administration exposed, how they can continue to step in front of a TV camera and justify this fiasco.
I read a column in Sundays Milwaukee Journal, the Crossroads section, about the CIA uncovering Hussien/Al Qaeda connections in some 20,000 documents captured in Iraq. Jeez! Won't these freaks ever quit?

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