Friday, March 21, 2008

Media...It's Everywhere You Go...

Well, it's late...I'm bored... but this must be done. While bummin on the internet today, it hit me hard. The fact that media is everywhere and is entwined in everything I do. This has become far more noticeable in "the digitital age" that is going on around us. Everything has a hand in this. TV cross promotes other shows, movies, music, games, anything... My cell phone even gets downloads for movie trailers or songs. Even the other day, I bought a cd (yes... I actually buy them) and it had a card in there for a free music ringtone download of a track off the album. To really think about it, it surprised me. Sure, I experienced this stuff everyday...but I never really noticed it. It was just part of the norm.

iPods and iTunes is really huge on this. On iTunes, you can download almost anything you are looking for. Most of the crap is even free. It is huge on promoting other things. Even games like Guitar Hero help sell cd's or songs of the bands featured on the game. Hell, I even saw a Guitar Hero soundtrack the other day at Best Buy.

Just take a look around. Take an extra second to notice just how crazy all of this is. The idea of cross promotion (synergy) is not new, but it has a far greater platform to shine on during this digital age.

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