Thursday, March 20, 2008

Madonna's a stooge!

This year’s Rock and Roll hall of fame induction ceremony was ridiculous. Madonna, whom I enjoy and admire for her punk rock attitude, babbled on and on about crap that didn’t seem to matter at all. The craziest part of the whole event is that Madonna didn’t perform at all; she had The Stooges play a set of two of her songs instead. It’s especially interesting since The Stooges have been rejected six times to be inducted since they became eligible almost a decade ago, even though all the inspiration and influence their music has served up to be. After The stooges did their thing, they met Madonna below the stage in a kitchen area where she didn’t even seem to know the band or legendary bassist Mike Watt. The Stooges or Mike Watt don’t need publicity whore Madonna to do them any favors, they paved the way for her.

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