Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charlie bit my finger!

So I was thinking about how I had no idea what to blog about this week, so I started thinking about videos I've watched recently on YouTube. You know the pointless ones with the sole purpose of making you laugh? Well the "My New Haircut" guy came to Buckheads 2 weekends ago and I thought that was pretty ridiculous. How is this guy a celebrity? The video has bad humor that I would think is only funny to people who live in or near Jersey, as it makes fun of the stereotypical Jersey jerk. I mean, the ridiculousness of it kind of made me laugh but then I moved on with my life.
But the ones that I can't get over are the little hilarious toddlers that don't even know they're being funny. There's one of a three-year-old who's response to the monster in her closet is that she's gonna kick his ass, then there's a four-year-old who rocks out to Jukebox Hero into his sucker. But for some reason my favorite has to be Charlie bit my finger...I don't know if it's the toddler's English accent or the way you just know that little baby is gonna be a real punk when he's older, but it's just too cute.

But while I'm on the subject of kids on YouTube...the UWM Post just featured an article on Magibon, also known as Mririan. OK, well she's actually 21 but she definitely looks and talks like a 12-year-old. What bothered me was this article seemed to give this girl credit for her postings, but I think they are a waste of time! She is number 75 on YouTube for most subscribers and I don't even understand it because this is what she does: Stares into the camera, blinks, waves, flashes the peace sign, and occassionally speaks Japanese. People are actually seriously into this, and it makes me wonder who and why. Well, I guess it's all about people's preferences, but I for one would much rather watch a video about a kid who doesn't know they are being cute than a girl who is using her childish looks to make people think she is cute.

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alisharf said...

thanks for sharing. i love the laughing baby videos on youtube, they always make me smile :)