Friday, March 28, 2008


Have you heard of megabus?
It's a bus company that costs very cheap from $1 to $8 maximum
They have been providing the bus service from Chicago to Milwaukee and Chicago to Indiana etc..
Maybe some of you have already taken the megabus, it is as same as coach bus.
I think there is no sense spending $25 for one way ticket if you can travel with the cheaper cost at a same level of service.
However, this bus does not provide airport service, if you plan to travel downtown Chicago or Milwaukee, it is a great bus service at an affordable cost.

They announced that bus service is now available from Toronto to New York City at the cost of $1. The cost may be a little higher as you make reservation late. They have also announced that the bus system is affordable for everyone compare to other transportation. More specifically, they said they will provide a type of entertainment just like flights, or trains for a long trip, but at a cheaper cost.

Even though they are not so famous yet compare to other bus companies such as, couch or greyhound, but I think they are now making the company bigger.
The big bus company, such as, greyhound is putting their advertisement on their website to promote give 60% discounts the expense of the income passenger below the $35,000 per year. Since megabus is prodviding the service way cheaper than them, they are trying to compete with them with different stratigies to interest their customers.

If you plan to go to Chicago this weekend, try the megabus.
You can go to Chicago at the lowest cost you have ever paid for transportation.

Here is the website

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