Friday, March 07, 2008

Bob and Brian

These two men have the top rated radio program in the mornings. Listening to them is the only cult-like thing I do. You know, how most people have a tv show that they can't miss and make time in their schedule to watch it, well...thats what this program means to me. The "Bob and Brian Morning Show" airs on 102.9 the hog from about 5:45 until 10:10ish. This show has an amazing fanbase of dedicated listeners that have been following them for the past decade in Milwaukee.

Throughout the day, Bob and Brian about anything and everything, usually topics that are completely random. Some personalities that they interview weekly include: Santana Dotson, Matt Kenseth, Chris Capuano (Brewers Pitcher), Mark Metcalf (from Animal House), and their sports guy Steve Czaban ( The show even does podcasts every day during the week. You should check some of them out!!! The podcasts can be found here.

The cast for the show include Bob Madden, Brian Nelson, Carrie Wendt, and the producer Eric Jensen. Each of the cast members brings something different to the show. Bob tends to be very talkative and laughs a lot. Brian is the smart one, also can do a lot of different immitations. Carrie is the news woman and often spins off into wild tangents that have nothing to do with the news. Eric is the producer of the show and runs the behind the scenes stuff. He is a big sports fan and I think he even announces for the Milwaukee Bucks...

Anyway, it is a great program and I suggest you all just check it out for yourselves. You can always listen live at or catch them on the dial at 102.9 FM.

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