Monday, March 03, 2008

The Moment of Truth...Do you really want to know?

The Moment of Truth is a new reality/game show on Fox that reveals contestant's deepest, darkest secrets...secrets that most family and friends would not like to hear, no matter what amount of money is being offered. The most previous episode featured a woman who was more truthful than recent contestants have been. Her husband was one of the guests watching her answer the uncomfortable list of questions. To get over the $100,000 mark, the host brought the woman's ex-boyfriend on to ask her the question: "Do you believe you should be married to me?" The woman answered yes, and it was revealed that her answer was true. Question 16 followed: "Since you've been married have you ever had sexual relations with anyone besides your husband?" Again, she answered yes and the answer was true once more. Then there was the question: "Do you think you are a good person?" She answered yes, and he answer was false. So after not even winning a cent, she had ruined her marriage. This show has become a hit, with a mass audience tuning in every Wednesday to watch people ruin friendships, relationships, and family ties all for the hopes of winning $500,000. "Some truths are better left unsaid," is how the host leaves the show, which is probably the moto people should take into consideration before revealing their secrets on national television.

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