Friday, March 28, 2008

Opening Day is coming, how are you going to watch it?

So a few weeks ago we talked about the NCAA tournament being broadcast for free on Well that made me think of a similar service that offers. My favorite (American) sport to watch is baseball, there's just something about the history and tradition of it mixed with the level of detail required to fully appreciate the sport that I love.

For the past 4 years I've used's "MLB gameday audio" and "". MLB has worked out deals with every Television and Radio station that has the local broadcasting rights to each team in MLB so they can broadcast them over the Internet. MLB Gameday Audio puts the radio broadcast on the net, and puts the Television broadcast on.

The reason I bring this up now (apart from the majority of baseball opening day starting on Sunday), is that I realized that has been ahead of the curve on this. CBS Sportsline has been broadcasting the NCAA tournament online for the past three years, MLB has had "MLB Gameday Audio" for over 9 years (MLB.TV has been operational since 2003). Now, they're not giving this away for free, MLB Gameday Audio is $14.95 for the season for every radio broadcast in the league. and there are two tiers of the regular version is $80 a year and the premium is $120.

If you're a baseball fan, like me, this is a great service, especially if your team is out of state/market, (while I do like the Brewers and have covered them for work in the past, I'm from team is the Cubs). So if you didn't know about it yet, go check it out.

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