Sunday, March 09, 2008

march happiness

The NCAA tournament is set to start in less than two weeks, and Selection Sunday is coming up on March 16. This year's basketball tournament should be exciting to watch as usual, but even more interesting is the way viewers can watch it. In the past few years, CBS has experimtented with televising tournament games live on the internet. For the many people with high speed internet, this was great. This year, they are taking it a step further, vowing that for the first time ever, people can watch every tournament game online for free.

This is very cool. The site also says each game will be archived and available for viewing shortly after it is over.

The whole concept of free, live television is interesting. With the technology clearly available, where will this stop, and if it does, why? It seems inevitable that in time televisions will become a lot more like computers, or computers will have the same capabilities as television.

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