Friday, March 14, 2008

Myspace is trying to be like Facebook it seems...

Although I am not proud of this, I was and am a member of the Myspace network. I say “was” because it has been years since I have made any effort to be active on the site with the exception of messaging a few relatives here and there (yes that seems sort of strange to me too). When I do sign in from time to time to check my messages, I usually become irritated by the features on the site. For instance, I truly despise the bulletin feature. For one, there are a number of spam incidences where a friend of yours will post a small message full of advertisements or just plain old crap that you don’t want to read. Secondly, it just appears that people write the stupidest things in these bulletins. They fill out surveys about their personal life (with perhaps a little too much personal information for the world to read) and even sometimes use them as a form of blogs (even though blogs are a major separate feature of the site). Okay, let’s move on past the things I dislike about Myspace, and talk about the new feature that I noticed a couple months ago. They probably added it long before then but like I said, I hardly take the time to sign in to my account. I noticed that they now provide a “news feed” feature very, very similar to Facebook’s creation. It will tell you about blog posts of your friends’ (similar to posting “notes”), adding of new photos and changing of profile information. What seems to be the reason in my opinion is that maybe Myspace is realizing that many people have moved onto Facebook now that it no longer requires a specific college network to join. Facebook was once, and for the most part is, considered a safe social network. One where members most likely wouldn’t be approached with private messages from creepy people they don’t know and the goal of the site was simply to unite friends met through school. So in my experience of talking with people, no one really cares that much about Myspace anymore. It’s almost seen as where the creeps hang out. Which, isn’t far from the truth because I have had my fair share of creepy messages. But I just found it interesting that Myspace might have been noticing their audience trickling away and jumping onto Facebook instead. I think even though Myspace added this feature, it probably won’t compete with growing popularity of Facebook despite their attempts to copy it.

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