Friday, March 14, 2008

Well according to the Summerfest website , only 104 days, 11 hours, and 7 minutes til the best thing to visit in Milwaukee is underway!!! It is hard to imagine a day over 60 degrees, OH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!! Anyway.. Summerfest is on the horizon. Not only is this the greatest, relatively cheapest, and best thing to happen to Milwaukee, but it is a clear definition that summer has arrived. No more 20 degree mornings, no more snow covered cars, and no more icy sidewalks. This year, rennovations are underway on the Miller Oasis stage I believe. I saw it driving home from class yesterday. And wow, driving past the Summerfest grounds everyday sure makes me anxious for it to start.

By the way, if you are new to Milwaukee or have been under a rock since birth, Summerfest is "the worlds largest music festival" and it is located a mile or two south of campus, on the lakefront. The setting is perfect at night. The bands are all loud and usually the weather is just perfect down there. The admission is somewhere around $14 for an all day ticket. Usually there is some sort of promotion going on and you can get in for essentially free. I think the figure I saw was something like 700 bands playing from June 26th-July 6th.

Like the previous years, the only schedule that is out right now is for the Marcus acts. Once again, many country artists, washed up artists, and a couple bands that are for the kiddies. From my experience, the "free" acts on all the different stages are far more enjoyable than paying upwards of $65 for a band that isn't exactly my favorite. The smaller bands usually surprise me and I say, "oh wow...can't believe this show is free!" If this year is anything like last year, it should be awesome as always. I tried to browse different forums to see and find some of the bands not playing at the Marcus, but I had no luck :( The forums on the Summerfest website is like a ghost town. I shall post any new updates most likely in the near future ;) Until then, we can only hope for better weather and some sun to melt all the snow away.

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