Friday, March 07, 2008

Smart phones

There are so many high tech mobile phones, such as I Phone and Blackberry. I Phone is a touch screen phone with various high technology features. Mobile phone market is trying to target consumers with these smart phones with internet access, e-mail access, and much more that we did not expect in previous days. I Phone is very popular because of its design and convenient access to I pod and the internet. It is very convenient to do everything in hands. I think the market is getting bigger and bigger for cell phones because people are demanding higher technologies. These smart phones provide the prosumer society that provides easy access features through internet for the business. It is so comfortable that people can use internet in anywhere with that little device. However, I don't know how far they are going with theses phones. Google is also going to introduce their Google Phone. It has similar features to the I Phone, such as Google mobile search, Google e-mail etc.. It has access to internet, but the cool thing about the Google Phone provides open sources to everyone. I think the mobile industry is trying to compete with its competitors with almost same features. I don't know how long consumers would be interest in these smart phones. I am also a little afraid that the role of technology in our lives.

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