Thursday, March 06, 2008

Retarded Golfer

So I was just making my daily flipping through the TV channels and I stopped on ESPN to check out the days headlines. I came across a story they were doing on golfer Tripp Isenhour. Isenhour was with a film crew for "Shoot Like A Pro which is a TV show, on Dec. 12 at the Grand Cypress Golf course. While trying to tape there was a bird in the background and the bird was being obnoxious and making a lot of noise.

According to court documents, Isenhour got upset when a red-shouldered hawk began making noise, forcing another take. He began hitting balls at the bird, then 300 yards away, but gave up. When the bird got to about 75 yards away he started firing at the bird again.

Isenhour allegedly said "I'll get him now," and aimed for the hawk.

After about 6 shots Isenhour was getting really close to hitting the bird and on the seventh shot he hit the bird. As it turned out the bird was a federally protected migratory species. When the golf shot hit the bird, it fell to the ground and bled from both nostrils.

The maximum fine for hitting a federally protected bird is 14 months in jail and $1,500 in fines. Isenhour later released some statements for the press and told them he was deeply sorry and that he never meant to actually hit the bird, he was just trying to scare it away.

I just think it is kind of a funny that he told reporters he never meant to actually hit the bird. He is a professional golfer on the PGA tour. He is accurate. You have to be accurate to make it into the PGA tour in the first place. I hope that the law comes down hard on him and gives him the maximum penalty that they can because he was so damn stupid.

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