Friday, March 07, 2008

The Prince of Punk

In recent gossip, the tabloids were spreading around how Paris Hilton has found a spiritual guild is and had hired a Buddhist guild to help her. The paparazzi even photographed Paris with this Buddhist guild around town. (This is the link to that story This activity to us does not seem weird because celebrities are have been know to go to great lengths to fulfill their spiritual awakening. For instance, Mel Gibson have built a church in his back yard or Tom Cruse for all his work he has done for Scientology. The list could go on and on. So, when Paris Hilton showed up with a monk people would assume that she is trying to become more spiritual and trying to better herself, like so many for he famous counter parts.

However, it was reported that this was a craft planned prank that Ashton Kutcher had played on the Paparazzi. It has been reported that Ashton has a new show in E! called Pop Fiction where he with his celebrity accomplices will prank or punk the paparazzi.

This could be a really funny show and could slow does that paparazzi boom that has happened over the past two years or so. Celebrities, especially young Hollywood, have been caught doing some out there things and it would be hard for tabloids and paparazzi to determine whether or not these are really actions or Ashton actions. We will soon find out.

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