Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Candy Girl Blogs

I read Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper by the lovely Diablo Cody over spring break.  If her name sounds familiar it's probably because you know her as the Oscar winning screenplay writer for the movie Juno.  Yes, before she wrote that movie about the prego teen with the hamburger phone and refused to wear million dollar diamond shoes underneath her leopard muumuu at the Oscars, Diablo Cody spent a year working as a stripper, phone sex operator, and doing other dirty deeds which she blogged about at great lengths.  The book itself was quite entertaining.  It delved into some pretty raunchy details that at times made me chuckle and at other times made me go ICK.  People have some pretty strong opinions about Cody, but hey, I think that she is a really good writer and if nothing else, at least a very thorough  investigator.  
Some of her blogs from her stripper days dating back six years are still archived online.  I'm starting to get obsessed with reading them.  Some of the incidents she wrote about in her blog appear in the book almost word for word.  Other juicy details and characters on the blog are left out of the book entirely or are far underdeveloped.  The blog is interesting to me because it just seems like an awesome way to write a memoir and a natural progression from the writers who used to journal everything in notebooks.  Her blog obviously had a decent readership and maybe the comments viewers posted helped her with the book somehow.  I'm not a fan of the local  political blogs or the boring "OMG guess what I had for lunch today" blogs on Myspace, but this I find interesting.  

*this specific blog entry is just a sample of a few incidents she wrote about in the book and contains some very grown-up language.... so you've been warned

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