Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Battle to Leagalize it!

The leaglization of marijana has been an on going public debate for years now. Visiting friends in San Francisco, California has brought to my attention the large difference in leniency between Wisconsin and California in regards to marijuana. I met people out there that have green cards, allowing them to purchase medical marijuana whenever they want, whatever amount. They simply go to the website, browse the online "catalog" of the different kinds of marijuana available, choose their amount and order it! They then, within the hour, deliver your order, even right to your dorm! Coming back to Wisconsin, is another story.
This past Tuesday December 15th, Wisconsin lawmakers sat down to disucss the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. The bill would allow patients that qualify to be able to recieve the drug from compassion centers or grow it on their own. The bill was denied. Despite its inital rejection, they were said to have decided to give it another month of debate before their final decision is made.
I am in no way claiming to be a "pot head" or smoke marijuana, etc; however, I do condone and support the idea of leagilizing it in Wisconsin. If other states have, and there was not a large increase of abuse or anything due to the use of the drug, there seems to be no real reason to oppose the idea.

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