Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A New Way to Email: Google Wave

A couple close friends of mine started buzzing on Facebook about a new email program by Google. Its called Google Wave and is about to hit the online community very soon. Email was a communication media created over 40 years ago. What Google wants to do is re-create email and its functions. So Google asks, "What would email look like if it were created today?" So here we have it, email for the new age...Google Wave.

Google Wave, as I understand it, is communication tool that allows users to join a conversation, playback information in the order it was created, edit the information, and upload photos, text, and video to said conversation. This is all done in order to keep conversation clean and simple. Since Google Wave is in it's preview stage, this connections are still a little rocky and problems are still in the works for getting fixed. Also, Google Wave is by invite only. If you don't have an invitation from someone who currently has it, you cannot use it until the official launch.

The creation of Google Wave fits in perfectly with some of the material we are working on in class. The idea that creativity plays on the past is key. It all began with the Internet, which led to one to one communications via email. Google Wave is breaking the mold of the personal one to one email. Yes, you can still have a conversation with one person, but you may also have an interactive, playback conversation with multiple people at the same time. Since I am still a little hazy on the details, and in the process of understanding Google Wave, here is a YouTube video that explains Google Wave in very simple terms:

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