Thursday, December 17, 2009


Surfing Perezhilton, I came across the headline, “Brad and Angie trying for baby #7?” For those of you who don’t know Brad and Angie have a lot of kids. At this point I don’t know how many they have anymore, I’d guess six after reading this headline. A lot of people think they adopt and have all of these kids to be an even larger part of the media than they already are. Some articles about Brad and Angie have been dealing with where they chose to take their children in one reading people were worried about the safety of their kids in the countries Angie was bringing them to. For Brad and Angie it’s always about going above and beyond what other couples do.

Recently though there have also been rumors that the couple’s relationship is not at its greatest point, but they always look so happy with all of their kids. An insider said, “"Angelina decided about four months ago that she really wanted to try to get pregnant again. She basically told Brad that if it happens, it happens and that she wasn't going to concern herself with birth control. Angie's most at peace when a baby is coming." I guess if they have another kid maybe they can fix the bumps in the road, seems to me this is what they’re implying.

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