Friday, December 11, 2009

"Growing pains for Wikipedia"

I never thought about editing or submitting entries to Wikipedia. It sounds so scholarly to be able to contribute to an encyclopedia - doesn't it? Well, I found this article from 2005 (kind of old) and it explains why Wales had to monitor submissions and change the rules.

Hackers are infamous for 'hacking' into entries and changing information, as discussed in lecture. Wales had to put a stop to it when someone tried changing information about the Kennedy assassination. I think that steps like this should be taken to build credibility to Wikipedia.

I often use Wikipedia to gain an understanding and background of my topic. I am never allowed to count it as a scholarly source,but most of the time it is more relevant and "beefier" information than scholarly sites. I think that I would love to edit and contribute to Wikipedia. I would love to have passion for a subject that I cared about how accurate the information is.

In fact, once I graduate I would like to be a user and begin my Wikipedia-ness. I want to become someone who can say they helped write entries for an encyclopedia.

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