Monday, December 07, 2009

"Become a Fan of Farmville"

Farmville, one of the many applications on Facebook that people are just loving right now. It is a game where you can farm virtually with your friends; planting, growing, and harvesting crops. It is an application of Facebook that enhances one of the many social networking events. Since the launch of this game, this last Summer. It has become the most popular game played on Facebook. The game seems to reflect the real world of farming, where the products and crops are all based on a market and for sale. When you buy and grow your crops you are then able to make a profit, which is the ultimate goal. Of course using fake, Farmville cash. It isn't just that simple, in order to succeed to fullest, you will need to plow your own crops, plant trees, can purchase animals to fulfill your farm.

I am not a Farmville player, or a Farmville "Fan", but I have heard many of friends discuss their farm and the competition. For some it becomes an addiction, they need to check their farm on a daily basis to check on their crops or plant more or "water' them. In addition to that, they are checking their neighbors farms' to ensure that they aren't making as much of a profit. It is a competition and an obsession.

Recently, I looked at the Farmville page on Facebook and their new product is a Holiday Tree, where you can send gifts to friends and the gift will appear under their Holiday Tree. The virtual world is becoming a new reality.

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