Friday, December 11, 2009

Chad Ochocinco no more?

This will be the third time I've wrote about Chad Ochocinco this semester because he just can't manage to stay out of the media spotlight. Lets recap...Chad Ochocino is a wide receive in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals. Chad legally changed his name this past season from Chad Johnson. He decided to go with Ochocinco because his jersey number for the team is 85. There was talk about him legally changing his first name to Esteban to go with his Spanish last name, but those rumors ended. Now, according to sources, Ochocinco is thinking about changing his last name yet again. This time to Chad Hachi Go which is Japanese for 85. A Japanese film crew was in town doing a piece on the Cincinnati Bengals because Chad is very popular over there. His Japanese fans suggested he make the change to Hachi Go.

Chad Ochocinco's reality show life is getting out of hand, but people continue to cover his life. The only reason I'm still talking about him is because its gotten so ridiculous that you just have to laugh. I was a huge fan of the original Chad Johnson when he was just a great football player. It's too bad his celebrity status got to his head and created what we see today.

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