Friday, December 04, 2009


After class I was very interested in the recreation of classic and fairly new movies. I found one on Google Videos that includes the Star Wars (which I have yet to see), Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring.

I have seen Lord of the Ring and parts of Harry Potter. What I found interesting in this mash up is how they played on each other movie stories. All three of the movies that I have mentiioned, have always been similar to me. All three of them have long movies, they have similar character themes and plotlines.

I think this is very funny. Harry Potter gets confused with Gandolf and the characters from the opposite movies fight about who stole ideas from who. Then before Dark Vader comes into the scene while two of the older men are 'sword' fighting as in Star Wars.

This entices me to want to watch Star Wars and Harry Potter. I guess it is a strategic way to have the audience engage in media text - even mash ups.

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