Monday, December 14, 2009

Homeless to "Blind side" (NFL Left Tackle)

Michael Oher, 74, recently known as Baltimore Ravens rookie left tackle. Or as others might know him as, the inspiration of the new movie Blind Side. He was an African-American homeless, overweight highschooler, who was taken in by a wealthy, white family, the Touhys who helped provide Oher with his full potential and become now, an NFL first draft pick left tackle.

The movie is named after his position in football. The left tackle is also known as the blind side. The left tackle position is on the offensive line. (Basically blocking for the quaterback). He is a young 23 year old who didn't have it so easy at such a young age. Since being taken into the Touhy family, he had to opportunity to play a sport he loved, and attend college at Mississippi. What a great example of someone following their dream while being very underprivileged. As the left tackle position, you may not create a profile full of statistics, but it is a crucial position and as a rookie he as even strived to the starting spot.

Two weeks ago, Monday, Oher and the Ravens played the Packers at Lambeau field. Before the game there was a tribute of the recent movie out about the Blind Side's inspiration. As a football fan, I find it as an incredible story and incredibly heartening. I watched the Packers, cheered for Aaron Rodgers, but also watched and cheered for the 'famous' number 74. Even watching the game, gave me goosebumps to know he once had absolutely nothing in his life and now he is living his dream.

Of course since the recent release of the movie, many intereviews with Oher and his adoptive family have been proposed and taken place. However, in some interviews I have read, Oher simply wants to talk about football, not the book or the movie. He doesn't care about the fame from the movie, he cares about his job playing left tackle for the Ravens. He didn't strive get this far and become egotistical. If anything he knows what is like to have nothing and now he is just doing what makes him happy.

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