Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Vampire Intervention for Twilight fans


From the books to the big screen, Twilight has surely made a large impact on the media lately with its recent release of the second film, New Moon, and the developing romance between the characters both on screen and off. I will first admit that yes, I am a fan - I have read the books and have seen both films. With that being said, I do to a certain extent understand why people like them; however after seeing this video posted to youtube, you all most have to laugh at the absurdity of these fans.

This film was created by a small group of a few guys who find Twilight and the whole fascination with vampires to be completely ridiculous. They stage an “exclusive pre viewing” of the sequel New Moon to a select few, prior to the actual premiere. The video shows all the overly enthusiastic fans waiting to be let in. When Mike comes to the stage to begin the vampire intervention most think it is a joke, and continue to cheer in anticipation. When he finally gets the point across to them that they are not actually seeing New Moon there are mixed emotions from the crowd, some offended, some laugh, and some just leave probably still in confusion. He makes it a point to show their stupidity when pointing out that they came to a magic theater to view a movie.

I personally found this video hilarious, however part of me does feel for the people because all though everyone may not love Twilight or understand the appeal, to some it actually is a passion. Over all this video and “intervention” is a mockery to those passionate fans of Twilight, but at the end of the day you just about have to laugh because it was in fact a successful prank.

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