Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowball Fight!!!

These pictures illustrate a snowball fight that took place on the Madison UW campus just a couple of days ago on December 9. The makings for this massive snowball fight originated over Facebook and then transformed into a reality that involved over 3,000 students. The fight went on for approximately forty minutes and some students were even armed with shields and water balloon launchers, and luckily, cameras!

I think this is an amazing example of the power of online networking groups. The idea for the fight began just two days prior and the message was followed and executed by thousands of people! I actually found this article posted on Facebook. It cheered me up in this bitter cold to see proof of why winter is actually fun. I personally can think of no better way to break up final exams than by hurling balls of snow at thousands of fellow students! If only I had known....

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