Sunday, December 13, 2009

Life without TV

one of my first blogs for this class was when I first started living without television. My roomates and I are poor, and dont have enough money to buy one of those boxes to get even standard cable. Me being a pretty devoted television viewer, I thought that I would go crazy. It's been about five months now that my roommates and I have been without television, and surprisingly we are doing just fine. I have found that I generally miss tv when there is a packer or badger game on or the news. We have found that normally on a daily living basis, to do something together in the house, would normally involve us watching a tv show or a movie on the tv. now we sit around and talk about anything, my roomate knits, one plays the drums, and i have taken up the harmonica. I have come to value the conversations between my roomates and I more now, because I know that if we had a TV we would not be learning and exploring and enjoying each others company as much as we do without tv. However, we have all found a way to access shows that we love whether it be on network television websites, or through renting seasons on netflix. If I have learned anything from this experience it would be that television is a luxury, not a necessity. I would recommend to anyone going without a television for a certain amount of time, it brings back the person to person conversation that people in this day and age are lacking.

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