Thursday, December 03, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Two words... Victoria's Secret, What a great and smart way for Victoria's Secret to put their product out there and brand it in a original and unique way. This show is every mans fantasy and every girls aspired image, these models are just unbelievably gorgeous! match that up with the sexiest lingerie and you get the Victoria's Secret brand. This airs every year, around Christmas time (coincidence? i think not) on CBS and gives the audience a look at the latest bras and lingerie on stage and also a look behind the scenes. I really think this is a great and extremely smart way to brand their product. They are not using a basic commercial instead it created a whole show that is all about their product which grabs people's attention the most without making them feel like they are just watching a commercial, instead they are just watching a really exciting show. I love watching this show every year, i usually get together with a few friends and we watch it together and discuss the different outfits, as Victoria's Secret, what more can you ask for? They are getting their brand across and also getting people to talk about it after all isn't that the whole point?

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