Friday, December 18, 2009

Goths Vs Emo

Recently in class we discussed and article called Lessons From Littleton. This article goes into the perception of teenagers in schools and how some schools were banning certain types of "looks." In one incident, the article tells of a teenagers who wore the Star of David and one teacher mistook it as a gang symbol.

Another topic the author, Jenkins, touched on was Goths. Goths appear in dark clothing, crazy colored hair, and many piercing and tattoos. Most goths also wear dark make up such as thick eyeliner, black lipstick, and dark eyeshadows. Goths do this to separate themselves from the social norms that surround them. They feel different, so they want to portray their differences through their looks.

Incidentally a friend of mine recently asked me what the difference was between emos and goths. Interestingly enough, I kind of had an answer. I took a class last semester called Media and Popular Culture. In this class we watched a video called Goths Vs Emos: Differences. The video was produced by a goth to show people what the differences were between the goth lifestyle and the emo lifestyle. One prominant messages was, "Goth is a lifestyle, emo is a trend." I found it every interesting that these individuals spend so much time separating themselves from the social norms when some spend so much time conforming to them.

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