Saturday, December 05, 2009

Portraying racial identities in the media, I believe, creates stereotypes and assumptions for the country. This Mad TV skit, is humorous, I will admit, but it also creates a negative racial identity for Arab people. To begin with, in the first 10 seconds of the skit, they say 'death to America' twice. This is only the beginning, the phrase is found almost after every other sentence in the whole skit. This easily coveys that ALL MUSLIMS and ALL ARABS want death to America, installing fear and hate for these nationalities from the American viewers who aren't Muslims and Arabs. The host, who plays a Bob Barker type character, as the basis of the show is obviously a joke on Price is Right as well, is blinded by a laser light. The guy in the studio, who announces the prizes (I don't know his name, and honestly, does anyone else?) explains that is his pilot pen, designed to blind pilots. Now, these leads to the assumption and stereotype that Muslims and Arabs in general are terrorists and have interest in, obviously, re-living the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which honestly isn't too funny to me, and probably not funny to a lot of other people, especially in New York. The Bob Barker character goes on the explain to the American tourist contestants that women cannot win prizes (as there is a Muslim woman, whos is of course encombesed in clothes besides her eyes) unless, 'of course you mean the anestia before your clitor-ectomy. Granted, I know woman may be opressed in the Muslim culture, it isn't exactly funny that Mad TV is making fun of it, nor do I bet Muslim woman in American appriciate it. These are the types of racial identites that create negative stereotypes and images for American media consumers. Sure, it is Mad TV and it is a joke, but it really does reinforce thoughts some Americans have, and could possibly install new ideas in their heads.

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