Friday, December 04, 2009

twilight reaction by fan

All that talk about star wars fans got me thinking about the biggest fan base of our generation. It is a close call between Harry Potter fans, but after watching this video, I believe that Twilight fans take the cake. I found this video a bit creepy, the girl takes us into her room and tapes herself watching the twilight trailer. At one point I believe she hyperventilates, and has to stop viewing the trailer which is only 2 minutes and 43 seconds long. She views the trailer two times during the duration of this video. She talks about the differences she can see between the book and the movie, and about how she loves everything about the the trailer. It is as if she were conducting a textual analysis of her own. I started to get a bit creeped out when she started swearing at the characters and saying "I want to be in your world". Where does fandom draw the line between liking and obsessing?

ps. I read that when twilight came out she went and saw it four times in a row.

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