Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Super MASH Bros.



As we learned in class, remix culture is a term named by Lawrence Lessig, a copyright activist. Remix culture is known for its encouragement of derivative works from works that are all ready copyrighted. One of the most popular industries today is the music industry, where each individual song has an automatic copyright to whichever artist sings it first. The music industry hugely partakes in the current remix culture. For example, hip-hop music practices remix culture more commonly with their lyrics and referral to other songs, etc.

After learning about remix culture and the fundamentals and history of copyright, I started to be more aware of examples of it in my life. A friend who attends school in Portland, and happened to meet and become friends with the group of guys who created it, introduced super Mash Bros. to me. Ultimately what Super Mash Bros. is, is the exact definition of remix culture. They take a group of songs that may be different genres, have different tempos and beats, and combines them to create one, ultimate track. All of their tracks are up beat and “hype”. When you listen to them it is crazy to see how two songs you never would have pictured being played together can, when combined, create something completely different and unique. It is these people that we need in the world to present to everyone a new vision, which can then lead to many other things. It was just a small group of guys who randomly decided to do this and create something new from something old.

I attached above a link to their website. They have come out with two albums, both free to download. They can also be found on youtube; I attached a link to that as well to view a track of theirs. To me, when I think of remix culture now, I think of Super Mash Bros. They are the perfect example of how people can take what is all ready made, and make a new derivative, unique work.

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