Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Guitar Center Wish List

Previous to Black Friday, I was searching for Guitar Center's extended holiday hours. I really should know, after all I do work there, however Guitar Center often waits a while before they finally let their employees in on some things, such as extended hours. While searching for this, I came across this press release from a hip hop related website. It discussed Guitar Center's new application to create a wish list in the form of a concert poster to let friends and family know that you want all this cool gear from Guitar Center. Now, I am an employee of Guitar Center, but I am also a strategic communication major, and I cannot say that I am as impressed about this application as I should be. It is a super creative idea. It connects to media outlets on Facebook and Twitter, enabling shoppers to share their wishes to other Facebook and Twitter members. It obviously got attention, because I found this press release on a website other than Guitar Center's. However, I know first hand that this application is not half as useful as the corporation hopes it would be. I can gaurentee much time, thought, and creative effort went into it, and it will not pay off as big as hoped. My grandma and the grandma of a twelve year old boy is going to walk into Guitar Center and say to me 'I need a black guitar for my grandson, looking to spend under 400 dollars'. He probably told her he wanetd a black guitar. Maybe she saw a picture. However, a poster jumbled with extra graphics and the own kids face probably is just going to confuse any grandma unless the child prints it out himself and makes damn sure that she hands it to an employee stating exactly what he wants. Luckily, especially around the holiday time, Guitar Center has a generous return policy. Customer service is number one at this store, I have seen things I never thought would happen just to please customers at this establishment. As cool as this idea may have sounded, and as rocker and appealing to the muscians this may seem, my grandma, and your's probably too, is better off with a simple check list that says 'American Fender Strat'.

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