Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Tiger Woods Saga

As I'm sure everyone on the planet already knows, the world's top professional golfer and advertising icon Tiger Woods was involved in a one-car accident outside of his home the day after Thanksgiving. The media has been having an absolute field day with this story ever since. I find it disturbing just how much coverage this thing is getting. My personal opinion on it by now can be summed up in the following two words, WHO CARES? I can't imagine myself devoting another second of time thinking about this event, and I'm a golf fan. It seems to me like the media has taken its typical over the top approach and styled a relatively minor incident as an epic Greek tragedy. Seriously, this is what we've come to? Just because someone is famous does not give you the right to maliciously speculate about their personal life. Some have even called for him to give a public apology. What Tiger Woods was doing to get involved in this minor accident has no bearing on anyone's life except that of him and his family. As a future member of the media, I worry about being involved in an industry where blowing erroneous things out of proportion is considered not just acceptable but necessary. I'm not a fan of Tiger's, actually I don't really like him at all. I have no respect for his childish behavior on the course i.e. cursing, throwing clubs, because he's the only pro golfer who does these things, let alone is allowed to get away with them without any commentator even attempting to detract from him. That being said, I still find the media's treatment of this whole situation utterly disgusting.

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