Thursday, December 03, 2009

Grocery Wars

This video is pretty much the most outrageuous organic food commercial I have ever seen. However, since we discussed Star Wars, and Star Wars parodies in class this past week, I felt Grocey Wars was an appropriate thing to blog about.

This video is filled with tons on puns. Puns on names, and puns on the movie plot itself. The Force is now the "Farm." The main role is "Cuke" Skywalker played by a cucumber, Obi-wan-Canoli, Darth Tater, and Ham Solo to name a few. It seems very cheesy I know, but it was very clever.

The good side of the force was all organic foods, which led the organic rebellion. The dark side, was food filled with chemicals and pesticides. In this video Darth Tater was "more chemical than vegetable," playing on the fact that in the actual Star Wars movie, Darth Vader was more machine than human. I suppose to some people this is a better way to warn them about healthy or unsafe foods, rather than right some crazy PSA, especially most Star Wars fans. The stereotyped Star Wars fab weighs somewhere in the are of 300+ pounds. (joking of course.) Maybe after Grocery Wars we'll see some slimmer mor jedi worthy Star Wars fans out there.

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