Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Jack

These days it seems like many celebrities are trying to cash in on different forms of media. Actors who start off in movies try their hands at releasing CDs and singers attempt to act on the big screen or in TV shows. This trend has worked for a select few. Thinking back, it is hard to remember, for example, if Jennifer Lopez started out as a singer or an actress, regardless of whether you like her music or movies. This trend has continued with the younger generation of stars, including Miley Cyrus, who seems to be just about everywhere these days.

One thing that I find very interesting and commendable is the way Jack's Mannequin singer Andrew McMahon has integrated himself into both forms of media. Rather than acting, he has released a documentary titled Dear Jack about his struggle with leukemia. It integrates music, film, and touching life experiences in one.

The documentary follows him as he writes and records music while battling leukemia in his personal life. The film has been shown in select theaters across the country and is also available for purchase on iTunes. Turning his experience with leukemia and the beginning of his music career with Jack's Mannequin into a documentary is a unique way for an already established artist to integrate different media into one, while at the same time showcasing a personal and heartfelt work.

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